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My MX3 Coffee Mix and nine pet Labrador Retrievers perk up my everyday life. I opted to live a stress-free life by choosing what I believe I love doing. Two of those favorite things in my life now are watching my dogs and having my cup of MX3 Coffee. Indeed, MX3 Coffee blends life’s best.

Levi Panganiban / AVP Sales & Marketing (TAPE, INC.-EAT BULAGA)


Being busy is a lifestyle that stirs my health in constant challenge. Coffee or black Tea was my coping strategy which consequently troubled my sleeping time. I tried MX3 Coffee Mix, I felt energized and experienced a good night sleep. I was not disturbed with empty stomach or acidity. I face my day beautiful and full of vitality.

Adeline G. Basuel/ Consultant-Canadian Immigration Consultancy


My experience with MX3 Coffee was MXtraordinary. It helps restore my strength. I truly like the feeling. Coffee keeps me up! It keeps me alert and I turned out more productive and dynamic. I love good life. I love Coffee!

Robin Gaudiel / Owner TEKKIT Events / Technical Operator Royal Mail, London POst Office, UK



My life has always been in constant motion and pressure. Three cups a day of brewed coffee caused me stomach acidity. I wanted an alternative. The MX3 Coffee Mix offers what I wanted. Drinking more cups did not hamper my sleeping pattern and I can work in longer hours.

Lucy So / Real Estate Broker


MX3 is a Natural Food Supplement. It has Pure Natural Xanthones derived from a plant nutrient or a phytonutrient. The Xanthones in the tropical fruit Garcinia Mangostana have been identified to have incredible scope of potent human health benefits.


This remarkable food supplement created a breakthrough in the Health well-being of every user. The Product created a breakthrough mark for vitality, relief and protection. Its success in the arena of the Philippine Market has attracted to the world. It now permeates in the Portico of the Global Souk.


MX3 is developed and traded by the Living Tropic Fruiticeutical, Inc. (LTFI), a Global Importer of Organic Products. In the Philippines, this Food Supplement is solely distributed by the DMI Medical Supply Co. Inc.

Quick Contact Info

DMI Medical Supply Co., Inc.
Tel. No. (082) 305-4400/ (082) 282-4004
Fax No. (082) 300-4967
General Inquiries: info@mx3.ph

Sales Department:

Tel. No. (082) 282-8609

Marketing Department:

Tel. No. (082) 282-8609

Technical Help:

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