DMI is a fast growing company with diverse business dealings from selling Pharmaceutical Products to the distribution of the high quality Natural Food Supplement and organic beverages (i.e. Tea and Coffee).

DMI Medical Supply Co., Inc., will take the lead in the distribution of affordable quality pharmaceutical and fruiticeutical health and beauty products that would circulate in the global market.

DMI is determined to create a breakthrough in health-wellness and contributes to the overall welfare of the Filipinos in particular, and the humanity in general.

Its core values are anchored in the biblical truths whereby all actions are concluded.

The Company belives on Excellence for the Ultimate Glory of GOD.


LTFI is a Company for organic-based products. It was intrinsically set-up to meet and address the global demand for superior quality and safe food supplements, food products and cosmetics.

A Company registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission with Company Registraion No. CS200629795.

The Company is directed by the core-value that the “The Creator of Life is the Giver of Nature that sustains Life at its Best”.

The Company is inspired by its vision to lead in the Global Market in traind the best natural products that meets the health needs of every human being in the world.

Its Company’s mission is to Feed and nurture life with the abundance of Nature’s Bounty.



NLI is the sole manufacturer of the MX3 Products. An ISO registered laboratory and practices the Good Manufacturing Procedures.

It is located in the Malolos, Bulacan, Philippines.