Celebrating Wellness in Japan with MX3









hachicko-japan-docbienFeeling ko ako si Richard Gere. As in the movie, The Hachiko Story. Hahaha! Last week ay nakasama tayo sa One Kapamilya Go (OKG) Tokyo where DMI Phils (manufacturer of MX3) is usually invited by The Filipino Channel (TFC) group sa kanilang shows abroad. Siyempre may kasamang mga celebrities from the ABS CBN network. Most of the contingents arrived a day earlier. Since we only arrived the day before the January 10th event, lahat kanya kanya na ng aya magpasyal. Alam kong maraming mas magagandang tanawin ruon ngunit nagrequest ako to our Regional Rep Mr. Hanz Concepcion for us to visit 1st a particular train station. Mas gugustuhin kong makita ang famous dog na iginawa ng rebulto sa Shibuya Train Station. Hindi naman ako nabigong makita si Hachiko – the dog which stood for loyalty and love for his master.


Who would have thought finding and adopting a lost puppy will make such a wonderful story and inspire so many people around the world? Nuong 1924 isang agriculture professor named Hidesaburo Ueno ang nakapulot ng isang nawawalang Akita puppy. Kulay golden brown at maamo ang mukha. He called him Hachiko. Minahal at tinuruan niya ito at nagsilbing bantay niya hanggang 1925. Every morning come rain or shine or snow ay inihahatid si professor ni Hachiko sa train station and wait for him until early evening for 9 years. One day the dog waited for nothing as the professor has died at work from a heart attack. Naghintay si Hachiko at the exact same spot until 1932 and gained popularity nang naisulat ang kaniyang kuwento sa Asahi Shimbum newspaper. Inililok siya ng bronze statue at ginawang national symbol of loyalty ng Emperor.


We have enough flyers for the more than 1,500+ excited Filipinos and Japanese who came to watch the show that Sunday. What we don’t have is enough manpower to distribute, man the booth for those who would inquire about MX3 and at the same time get data from those who would like to share their experiences with our product. We were lucky there were young volunteers from the TFC group who stood by the entrance to help give our leaflets with samples to the droves of people in furs and leather jackets and boots. “Kilala ko ang produktong ito!” are the usual comments I hear as I help in screening and instructing our would-be game participants. “In fact, bumibili nga kami at nagdadala ng MX3 dito sa Japan.” It’s amazing that when it comes to wellness and preventive health marami na talagang Pinoy would choose MX3 supplements.



Like most busy people, we always miss catching a popular Filipino movie. This time I sat at the front row and watched “One More Chance II”  and felt for Popoy and Basha their marital struggles and ultimately find love as a family in the end. Madidinig mo sa likuran ang maraming kapwa Pinoy na umiiyak at sumisinghot. We are such family oriented people that we will do everything to provide for the ones we love back home. This is why I know MX3 will be a big hit in Japan. Those who earn here would gladly buy MX3 and send them to those who they feel need to take care of their health. The two hours of movie passed unnoticed and it was time to sing with John Lloyd and Bea and dance to the grooves of Shaina, Enchong and Maja. Of course Pooh was always there as host and assist us as we enjoyed the antics of MX3 game participants. We had four groups of five people acting out signs and symptoms of Asthma, UTI, Hypertension and Arthritis. It was both educational and fun!mx3-japan-onekapamilyago


Once again I was invited together with Elfie as DMI representatives, headed by the very generous and kind Managing Director, Ms. Gina, and help cohost the game for MX3. DMI has been invited to several countries by the giant network for events such as these. Many people have already been taking the different MX3 variants like MX3 500mgs capsule for improving the immune system, MX3 Plus with co Q10 and L-Carnitine for healthy metabolism, MX3 coffeemix, a blend that is non acidic with no sugar added and tastes great, and MX3 Tea which is so economical that 1 teabag can be used for 1 pitcher of water to be enjoyed by the whole family.

I have always been asked what MX3 stands for and here they are. M stands for mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) a unique fruit abundant in Southern Philippines. X stands for Xanthone, the active ingredient found in the fruit’s pericarp (outer covering) which has wonderful health benefits. The number 3 stands for Alpha, Beta and Gamma mangostin, the components in the fruit which makes it one of the best Immune System booster. People recognized MX3 from the TV commercials and loved our products.

DMI has always been generous in sharing MX3 products to lucky participants – all in the spirit of giving back to the people blessings from the Lord. It was both enjoyable and heart fulfilling for me – to share the gift of knowledge about natural products to those seeking wellness. If you want to know more, visit their website at www.mx3.ph or call/text 0918-8888-693. Thank you DMI. Thank you ABS CBN. Thank you TFC. Sayonara and may God bless us all!



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