DMI Medical Supply Co. Inc.: The MX3 Company Recipient of World Confederation of Businesses Awards in Las Vegas

DMI Medical Supply Co., Inc. team arrived at Caesar’s Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada USA last August 1, 2015 for the 10th World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB) Awards Night. Owners, CEOs, High ranking officers and Representatives of the most successful business from Latin America, South East Asia, Africa, and other countries came as recipients of WorldCoB Awards.

For ten years, WorldCoB as an award giving body continues to appraise companies from all over the world with a purpose to recognize and support business and businessmen in their growth and role as economic developers in their country. The International Committee for Selections was pre-selected and became responsible for the search and awards.  Companies chosen were further assessed on their reputation by their submitted legal documents, data, and testimonies.  Results were then presented in different categories and businesses throughout the world. The final recipients were recognized to have implemented good business practices. Recognitions are entitled the BIZZ, recognition considered as the finest and most important business award in the world. The BIZZ Award stands for Triumph, Glory, Legend, Beyond Success and Peak Success.

For this year, DMI Medical Supply Philippines- The MX3 Company is beaming with honor as it remained the only health supplement company that received prestigious awards from WorldCoB. DMI Medical Supply has proven atop in its field with integrity of serving the Filipino people and now the world with Food Supplement that enhanced wellness; promoting social developmental transformation in the society by charity and ministry works; it has significantly contributed to feeding the world with the products that can compete globally; it leads people to understand that nothing in this world can complete life except from knowing the Truth. This is from the realization of the DMI Company’s vision casted as ‘A Leader of Innovation, Quality, and Excellence for Natural Health Products Distributed Globally; Dedicated to Play a Significant Part to Feed and Heal the World; and to Create a Model of Business on Mission.’

The 10th World Confederation of Businesses opened the door for DMI to share and present the company and its holistic products at the Business Round agenda. Workshops, proper business management and God-centered operations were some of the activity and topics DMI Team presented.  All their gratitude was embedded from the blessing they received. With the wisdom to follow the right directions, the perseverance amidst countless challenges, the resources and their product as such; the team recognizes all glory came from Above.

The gathering was more than a night for social event and cocktails, but of proving guaranteed quality for constant development. The WorldCoB will continue to promote and develop healthy and committed business and organizations valuing morals and ethics, like that of DMI Philippines.

The WORLDCOB BIZZ Award is dedicated to every Filipino. Let us stand-up for integrity and shine as light! ALL FOR GOD’s GLORY!

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