DMI-MX3 Recognized as the National Most Trusted Herbal Dietary Food Supplement by GLOMEA


Once again, DMI Medical Supply Co, Inc. – the maker and distributor of MX3 has proven its commitment to excellence as it makes it to the list of Hall of Fame. This year MX3 was conferred with the “National Most Trusted Herbal Dietary Food Supplement. The ceremony was held at the Waterfront Hotel and Casino last November 28, 2015.

mx3-awards-most-trusted-food-supplementThe Global Management Excellence Awards (GLOMEA) aims to promote a standard of excellence in management to allow the local business to cultivate a culture of competence against global market standards. Recipients of this award were able to meet the criteria that included Social Responsibility, Management Quality, Innovative Practices, Visionary Leadership, Market Share Perception, Value Proposition, Product/Service Quality and Customer Driven Quality.

For many years now MX3 has been a market leader in providing the country with natural based products that helps in maintaining the quality of life the people. It has expanded its reach not only in the country but also overseas. Currently MX3 products are available in reputable drug stores and store chains around the country. Garcinia mangostana has a number of clinical studies that has proven its benefits to health.


mx3awards-most-trusted-food-supplementThe GLOMEA recognition is a celebration of the success of DMI- MX3 as it continues to tread on the path of distinction. It has endeavored through the years to be an the forefront of natural based health products. Above all the company recognizes the source of all accolades and blessings. Glory to God Almighty!


For more information about the MX3 Products, visit MX3 website at or call/text 0918-8888-693. God bless!

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