DMI-MX3 Won the Gold Category for Century International Quality ERA Award in Geneva, Switzerland 2015

DMI Medical Supply Co., Inc. and delegates from different parts of the world have come to the InterContinental Convention Hall, Geneva, Switzerland for the 2015 Century International Quality ERA Convention. This event was structured by the BID Group One & Business Initiative Directions. The event has been instigated as a gathering of business pioneers for over 30 years to recognize and give honor to the topnotch businesses and organizations for quality management, customer satisfaction and product excellence. The QC100 standards of the Total Quality Management Model are the basis for choosing the winner of each category.

Today, the BID community has awarded DMI Medical Supply Co., Inc. the Century International Quality ERA Award in the Gold Category in Geneva 2015 for the superior achievement in the business arena relative to development, innovation, and communication of quality information and product technology. The BID presented the award to Emilia Cadungog, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Dr. Edwin Arellano Bien, Medical Consultant of DMI Medical Supply Co., Inc. Philippines. The qualification of DMI to the QC100 criteria system has proven the Company’s culture of excellence.

DMI Medical Supply Co., Inc, is a quickly flourishing company based in Davao City distributing an array of healthcare and health related products. Dedicated to spread the ideals of holistic self-care and improved value of life, DMI is the sole distributor of MX3 food supplement that utilizes Xanthones as the main active component of all the natural MX3 products. US Clinical study has proven that MX3 Capsule has anti-inflammatory property.  Also the NutraSource Clinic in Canada showed MX3 product to contain the three major Xanthones: the Alpha, Gamma, and Beta. These research results provide MX3 product integrity in terms of optimum wellness and fitness benefits to human health.

The recognition afforded to DMI Medical Supply Co., Inc. was certainly a blessing and a favor from the Maker Above. His Name is to be praised!

For more information about the MX3 Products, visit MX3 website at or call/text 0918-8888-693. God bless!


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