MX3 and Rated K in Iloilo

The plane ride to Iloilo that morning of  December 10th was very pleasant. The airport was nice, clean and orderly. The sun was already up after typhoon Ruby left the country but it was still cool. It has been a while since my last visit to the “land of malambings” and the city is really growing.


Our host Mitch from ABS CBN Sales took us directly to the venue hall in Gen. Luna St. We were greeted upon arrival by Arma, Ona, and other crews from Rated K. There was already a long line outside and a longer line at the MX3 booth for the “Libreng Kape” sharing. It was an exciting day for the more than 500 Ilonggos who watched the “Rated K 10th year Anniversary” program. Many travelled on a 1-3 hour bus ride all the way from distant provinces just to see the show. This is the chance to see their idol Korina in person. A chance to have selfie pictures taken with her. A chance to win a house and lot and other big prizes in the raffle draw. A chance to forget their work and worries even for just one day. A chance to own their dream house.

I was invited to go with the DMI group (makers of the very popular MX3 health products) to assist and serve fellow kababayans, headed by the very generous and kind Ms. Gina. Together with us is Ms. Myna Lagaya, head of Marketing, and the busy boys of Davao, Joel and Weng. DMI has always been invited by ABS CBN to events like these both locally and abroad.


Many people have already been taking MX3 products and this is one opportunity to explain to them further about its health benefits. For example is the very popular MX3 capsule for improving the immune system. Another is MX3 Plus with Co Q10 and L-Carnitine for healthy metabolism. Another is the favorite MX3 coffeemix, a blend that is non acidic with no sugar added and tastes great. And MX3 tea which is so economical that 1 teabag may be used for 1 pitcher of water to be enjoyed by the whole family.


I have always been asked what MX3 stands for and here they are. M stands for mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) a fruit abundant in Southern Philippines. X stands for Xtra-ordinary ingredients found in the fruit’s pericarp  (outer covering) which has wonderful health benefits. And the 3 stands for Triple Power. As for a medical doctor like me, this is one product that is “Tested and Proven”.


The hosts Pepay and Petite were hilarious and a big hit together with the local talents. People patronized the booths offering free massage, consultation, make over, face painting, bottled water, waffles and of course the favorite among the crowd, MX3 coffee served from our special mangosteen shaped dispenser.


The show was entertaining and well received. The audience was chanting Rated K and “Handa na kami” around 12nn when they learned that Ms. Korina has already arrived. She gamely went up the stage and greeted the crowd. She mentioned that it is her 10th year anniversary for the 3 aspects in her life – with TV Patrol, Rated K and with Sec. Mar Roxas. The Ilonggos are truly a different crowd – ready to laugh anytime and a touch of sweetness when asking questions. I pity the poor guards dressed in black shirts as the women fought their way at the side entrance for a chance to have pictures taken with their idol. All’s well that ends well.


I am glad to have been there and be part of the program. I shed my own inhibitions, shouted “Ready na ba kayo?” and co-hosted the MX3 game. We chose 30 from the audience, gave them MX3 yellow t-shirts. DMI is always generous in sharing MX3 products to lucky participants – all in the spirit of giving back to the people blessings from the Lord. It was both enjoyable and heart fulfilling – to share the gift of knowledge about natural products to those seeking wellness. If you want to know more, visit their website at


Thank you DMI. Thank you ABS CBN. Thank  you mga ‘Toh and Palanggas – until the next time!

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