MIG_0869Bonjour! It was the universal greeting that we will hear for the next 4 days in Geneva, Switzerland as our lady bosses prepare to receive the most prestigious international award for DMI and MX3 so far. Something like our Mabuhay! – but instead of leis and sarong, it was long gowns and black tie. Instead of our colorful jeepneys, it was Bugattis and Ferraris. Owners, CEO’s, high ranking officers and representatives of the most successful businesses and products from around 90 countries were there to receive the same awards. What an experience. MX3 Health Watch by Dr. Edwin Bien.


It was a long arduous flight but well worth it. Especially for Mesdames (I learned a bit of French there) Emilia and Gina Marie who endured a 2 hour flight from Davao to Manila, about 8 hours from Manila to Dubai, a 3 hour stop over and another 7 hours from Dubai to Geneva. We checked in at the Intercontinental Hotel, the same venue where the gala night will be held. There wasn’t enough time, and energy to roam around even if we arrived a half day early. The temperature was at 2 – 6 °C with cold winds and rains in the afternoon which is common occurrence near the Swiss Alps. The people were relaxed and friendly, although having a bit of difficulty communicating in English. The bus transportation is free for hotel guests (I never saw anyone paying or showing a prepaid card to the driver) and long (about 3 full sized bus compared to ours here) and on time. We failed to visit the famous United Nations building although our BMW taxi driver was willing to show it to us on our way back.


March 21st, Saturday the next day is our appointment for orientation with Ms. Marina, a Russian-Spanish personnel of BID (Business Initiative Directions). This is headed by Mr. Jose Prieto, President and CEO, the award giving body which has been evaluating companies from all over the world for 29 years. We were given the programme for the television interview by Imarpress, another group founded in 1983 with 26 publication agreements and 3 gold pins for the 17th international convention.

March 22nd Sunday is the day of reckoning. We started at 10:30am with all the participants given a 10 minute opportunity to come up the stage and introduce their company, products and or services. It is surprising to hear that many were in the vicinity of hundred million dollar sales monthly from Africa, Australia, the USA, North and South America, Europe and Asia. We are proud to note that despite many successful businesses we have here, especially in the food supplement category, DMI is the only company to be awarded from the Philippines. Hear, hear!


The DMI Medical Supply Co. Inc- MX3. was represented by the Chief Executive Officer Mrs. EMILIA G. MENDOZA and the Wellness and Integrative Medicine Specialist Dr. Edwin Bien.


How are the candidates selected?  The members for the International Committee for Selections are responsible for the search of companies. The committee is made up of leaders from more than 90 countries who meet annually in London, Paris, New York, Frankfurt and Geneva. Their votes are analyzed against results obtained from the internet as well as information from the Chambers of Commerce, embassies and media.


What are the criteria? The BID CQE Awards must be backed by at least five of the following qualities present in company strategy: Customer Satisfaction, Innovation, Research & Development, Continuing Education, Post Sales Service, Environment and Ecology, Business Excellence, TQM Implementation, Profitability, Permanent Growth, Brand & Marketing Leadership, Management for ISO 9001. Upon careful analysis of proposals, a final written confirmation is made for the nomination of the award.



The recognition is called the Gold Category for the Century International Quality Era awards – in their own words, “presented to companies or organizations in different countries throughout the world that further their reputation and position by implementing and promoting quality culture.” We are beaming with pride and honor as we listen to a workshop around 1:30 pm with Mr. H. Miller, a well known speaker from the USA and later on interviewed for television by the event host. Of course we gave glory to God – the wisdom to follow the right directions, the perseverance amidst the many challenges, the resources and the product itself, all comes from Him. We also gave thanks to all the people behind the success of this company as well as the clients who trusted MX3.


The gala dinner was spectacular with many wearing the traditional dresses of their countries. I regret I wasn’t able to come in barong but instead opted for the conservative suit. The food is European and great. The ambience is formal and glitters come from the chandeliers and bejeweled ladies. Madam Emilia went up the stage in her resplendent jusi to give thanks to everyone. Madam Gina came in elegant black gown and went up the stage with the other iron ladies from different countries for photo ops. And me? I was the proud cameraman, and occasional spokesperson.

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