MX3 for a Greater Cause

MX3The Concert entitled “The King and Queen of Hearts- In Love” by Artist David Pomeranz and Kuh Ledesma with the special participation of Isabella and Jericho Rosales was a concert-for-a-cause organized by the Davao Medical Society to support the Cancer Patients-Children in the House of Hope and those confined in the Cancer Pediatric Unit of the SPMC; the Bagobo Tribe of Mount Sikao; and support to the calamity-stricken families, identified under-privileged and under-served communities and individuals through feeding, livelihood programs and medical-dental missions. It was attended by approximately Two Thousand Five Hundreds audiences at SMX Lanang, Davao City.

MX3 BigfootMX3 participated as a major sponsor of the heartful event. Indeed, the greater cause of proclaiming the love of God through His Son Jesus Christ is the central point of MX3 involvement. It declares no other way to heaven but through HIM who died and was raised again. MX3 as a Food Supplement created a breakthrough in the Health well-being of million Filipinos in terms of vitality, relief and protection. Its success in the arena of the Philippine Market has influence the global market as well. It now permeates in the Portico of the World Trade.
Kudos to the Organizer and all the Sponsors for a job well done and the successful occasion, a Concert which did not only entertain the spectators by the singing prowess of the invited entertainers but also melt the heart of everyone when Ms. Kuh Ledesma testified and shared that True Love and True meaning of Life is only in CHRIST. In Christ there is true transformation and its testimony can change the lives of others as well. It therefore reminds us that whatever we do and wherever we are, one can proclaim the truth.

During the day, mindless of the heat of the sun, the people of Davao City gathered to watch the motorcade routing the busy streets of this city from the Apo View Hotel to SM Lanang for a motorcade parade joined by the Artists, Organizer, and Sponsors making it more noticeable by the MX3 Bigfoot Toy Car.

Great event…. Great Success and To all the Glory belongs to HIM!

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