MX3 Goes to Europe with Kapamilya Stars


June 1st was an exciting day for the almost 3,000 Filipinos who watched the “One Kapamilya Go” concert held at the Austria Center, Vienna. Many travelled on a 4-5 hour train ride all the way from distant places like Salzburg, Munich, Czech Republic just to see the show. There are Pinoys living in Austria for the last 15-20 years and events like these come only once every two years. This is the chance to see their movie stars in person. A chance to have selfie pictures taken. A chance for hugs and kisses and pour their hearts out. A chance to forget their work and ailments even for just one day.

I was invited to go with the DMI Medical Supply Co., Inc. group (makers of the very popular MX3 health products) to assist and witness the opportunity to serve fellow kababayans, headed by Ms. Gina and accompanied by her groovy mother, Madam Emilia and loving husband Sir George. Together with the entourage are another fellow doctor, a lawyer, DMI staff Jayjay and Bebot plus 3 lovely business couples from General Santos, Cotabato and Zamboanga. Of course we were well taken care of by the very accommodating Hanz and Miki of ABS CBN.


DMI has been invited to several countries by the giant network for these events. Many have been taking the different MX3 variants like MX3 Capsule for improving the immune system, MX3 Plus with co-Q10 and L-Carnitine for healthy metabolism, MX3 Coffee Mix, a blend that is non acidic with no sugar added and tastes great, and MX3 Tea which is so economical that 1 teabag can be used for 1 pitcher of water to be enjoyed by the whole family. MX3 stands for: M stands for mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) a fruit abundant in Southern Philippines. X for Xanthone, the active ingredient found in the fruit’s pericarp (outer covering) which has wonderful health benefits. Professionally, I believe the 3 stands for Prevention, Promotion and Regeneration.


The concert is not to begin until 3pm but we saw lined up at the gates as early as 9am hordes of fans with their cameras and telephoto lenses. They started shouting as soon as we wheeled in the 4 large suitcases containing our flyers and give away souvenirs to prepare for display. They probably thought we have the stars hiding inside the suitcases. It was amazing to hear the Pinoys speaking in fluent German to their kids and one another. I learned three phrases which served me well when I went up the stage to help the emcee, Pooh, with the games. “Guten tag and guten morgen!” for good morning and good afternoon.


The show was a big hit! The shouts were deafening. Girls were shrieking. I saw some old ladies clutching their chests finding it almost difficult to breathe. The crowd was in tears with heart rending songs from Piolo, was in stitches with the antics of Angelica, and was grooving to the beat from the music of Maja and Enchong. The Filipinos are truly a different crowd – so easy to please and ready to show it. I pity the poor guards dressed in black suits as the Pinoys grabbed the stars their way for selfie pictures. I’m sure some of them have welts and scratches to show for it. All’s well that ends well.


After the show a lot of fans trooped to our table for inquiries about the MX3 products, and how to order it online. Some have been taking it for more than 3 years when they vacationed in the Philippines. One was Ms. Eleanor Manloloyo, a case of Colon cancer stage II. The other one was Ms. Charito Reyes, a case of Invasive Ductal carcinoma. Both are health professionals themselves and are willing to share their stories. Both have undergone procedures and chemotherapy but believed that strengthening their Immune System, is a good way to bring back their health and energy. Both believed they have been helped by MX3 – the original. If you want to know more, visit their website at


I am proud to have been there and be part of the program. I shed my own inhibitions and shouted and danced on stage. There was a game for the audience and DMI was generous in giving away USD 100.00 each to the 15 lucky participants – all in the spirit of giving back to the people blessings from the Lord. It was both enjoyable and heart fulfilling for me – to share the gift of knowledge about natural products to those seeking wellness.

Thank you DMI. Thank you ABS CBN. “Ich liebe dich” (I love you) Vienna and bye for now!

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