There was a long line on September 20th 2014 at Ekeberg Oslo, Norway. It was an exciting day for the almost 5,000 Filipinos who watched the “One Kapamilya Go, Scandinavia” concert held at the Idretsshall Stadium. Many travelled on a 4-5 hour bus ride all the way from distant places like Denmark and Sweden just to see the show. There are Pinoys living in Norway for the last 15-20 years and events like these come only once every two years. This is the chance to see their movie stars in person. A chance to have selfie pictures taken. A chance for hugs and kisses and pour their hearts out. A chance to forget their work and worries even for just one day.

I was invited to go with the DMI group (makers of the very popular MX3 health products) to assist and witness the opportunity to serve fellow kababayans. Together with the group is Ms. Dahlia Dy of SouthStar group of pharmacies and Mr. Benjamin Lim of Rose group of pharmacies. Of course we were well taken cared of by the very accommodating Hanz and Miki of ABS CBN and the TFC group.


The concert was not to begin until 3pm, after the film showing of “She’s dating a gangster”, featuring the tandem of Kathniel. However we saw lined up at the gates as early as 10am hordes of fans with their cameras and telephoto lenses. They started shouting as soon as we wheeled in the 4 large suitcases containing our flyers and give away souvenirs, which Ms. Gina, our president, gamely handed out to incoming patrons. It was amazing to hear the Pinoys speaking in fluent Norwegian to one another. I learned three phrases which served me well when I went up the stage to help the emcee, Pooh, with the games. “Hyggelig and  Hygkoslig?” for How are you? I was given the chance to talk about the health benefits of MX3 products to the crowd while Ms. Dahlia and Sir Benjamin were handing out game prizes to the winners.


The show was a big hit! The shouts were deafening. Girls were shrieking. I saw some old ladies clutching their chests finding it almost difficult to breathe. The crowd was in tears with heart rending songs from Bea Alonzo, was shouting “Take it off!” to Sam Milby and was thrilled when Zanjoe Marudo showed his abs. The main star John Lloyd was so “nakakakilig” as the fans fought with each other to have selfie pictures taken with him. Of course Pooh was his usual funny self. The Filipinos are truly a different crowd – so easy to please and ready to show it. I pity the poor guards dressed in black suits as the Pinoys grabbed the stars on their way to the stage. All’s well that ends well.

I am proud to have been there and be part of the program. I shed my own inhibitions and shouted and danced on stage. There was a game for the audience and DMI was generous in giving away MX3 products to lucky participants – all in the spirit of giving back to the people blessings from the Lord. It was both enjoyable and heart fulfilling for me – to share the gift of knowledge about natural products to those seeking wellness.

Thank you DMI. Thank you ABS CBN. Tahnk you TFC. “Hada bra!” (It was so good!) Oslo and bye for now!

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