DMI-MX3 Company organized a 7-day Tour in Israel and Jordan routing through significant pilgrim places from 11-17 November 2013. It was a journey of fullness and wellness for both body and soul. It was a trip of appreciation and gratitude to God being the sole source of all favors and blessings. The 7-year effective MX3 Products marketing exposures created breakthroughs in health wellness; and product awareness through media coverage and campaigns using TV Commercials and Radio Ads. By HIS grace, MX3 is now paving the way to Global Trade.Israel Jordan Sojourners

The healing journey to various places in the Holy Land proved one thing; Jesus Christ came to save HIS Chosen People and graft in those who believe and receive HIM.

Day 1. In Galilee:  the boat ride to the Sea of Galilee (or Lake Kinneret) – where most of Jesus ministry and miracles happened; Capernaum where we visited the Olive Oil Company, the sight-seeing to the Mount of Beatitudes where Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount, met His first disciples (Peter, Andrew, James, John and Matthew) and performed many miracles; and then a prevue of Golan Heights by the road.  These all happened in the City of Tiberias; Capharnaum (White Synagogue)

Sea of Galilea

Day 2. In Nazareth Village– a make-do village to depict Nazareth in Jesus time, His growing-up years, life and environs;

Nazareth (Nazareth Villlage)

Day 3. In the Coastal PlainsMegiddo (ARMAGEDDON) believed to be the place for the final battle between the forces of good and evil takes place, where King Solomon built the model city and the wall of Jerusalem, and  where King Ahab designed for the stepped water shaft; then in Caesarea– the City where Herod established his power and built edifices of white stones, amphitheater, and built a silt-free deep water harbor;  then to  Jaffa a gateway to trade routes and to the Ancient world; then to Tel Aviv– the modern metropolis and the center to the performing arts and museums.

Day 4In Jerusalem (Yerushalaim) beginning Mt. Moriah, Temple Mount, Western Wall (Wailing Wall), City of David, and a no turning back walked through King Hezekiah’s Tunnel (from the Gihon Springs), Lion’s Gate (Sheep Gate); a walked to the narrow road of Via Dolorosa (Jesus carrying the cross), Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and in the Garden Tomb.

Western Wall(Wailing Wall)

Jerusalem (Tomb of Jesus)

City of David

Jerusalem (Via Dolorosa)

Day 5– Drove by Jericho, viewed the Mt. of Temptation, then to the Jordan River for the water Baptism and re-dedication of faith and commitment for discipleship. After, we crossed the border to Jordan.

Day 6- The long hike to Ancient Petra, the capital of Edom (named after Esau) where Moses struck the rock and drew water. Comforted by the rose-red colored rock and witnessed the hand-carved work of the Nabateans Tribe.

Petra Jordan

Day 7- Dead Sea dipping and prayer soaking, shopped at Masada and Beresheet, took glimpse of the Emek HaElah Hill where David slew Goliath. Then back to Ben Gurion Airport to take El Al Plane back home.


The journey was physically challenging and spiritually uplifting. The Creator blesses the MX3 Company to make it possible for the thirty three sojourners to the Holy Land plainly experienced the increasing vigor and staying power as each one excitedly walked and rode through the lake, mountains and valleys Jesus trudged.  The daily inspiration of sharing the Scripture and the unfolding of the history behind every place and events in the Holy Land vividly revealed and manifested the greatness of the One who created Life and Nature.  God blesses what is natural and life-giving for He designs what is good for every creation.

The healing journey to Israel and Jordan was glorious and to HIM alone be praised! Salute to MX3 and ABS-CBN for the sky-high success and blessings.

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