mx3 joins the Kapamilya Karavan sa Puerto Princesa in December 13. As major sponsor, it was MX3’s neo-experience meeting with the Palawanons. It was merriment as MX3 Games were piloted. Followed with the awards and gift giving.


The Kapamilya Karavan significantly created an impact in bringing the most in-demand Stars for the event. For over half a decade now, the Kapamilya Karavan has become the network’s way of reaching out to the urban and rural communities to help promote the festivals in the country. It is also its expression of thankfulness to all the fans nationwide. Interestingly, in Puerto Princesa, it was Pedro Penduko now the Scheduler (Matt Evans) charmed the show and captivated the great crowd with satisfaction and awe with his singing power, smiles and stature.


MX3 has been in support all throughout the event with gusto and enthusiasm. It is also the intention of the Company to extend gratitude to all the MX3 users in Palawan. This way we can add to their happy event and enabling those many local folks to get a chance of MX3 Products and product samplers. The Team generously shared their time as show of commitment to all the Palawanons.

More than the festival is the sites of nature and its wonders. This is a place to visit and see. Until the next Karavan Festival!

Blessings overflow now and forever.