Thrill On Trail

MX3 abetted and inspired the Trail Runners by way of sponsoring the extraordinary event. The Company is committed to back-up health related boosters like sports events. The event was a sequel of the previous year 100 KM Marathon Run. The success was overwhelming which led to the subsequent event this year and was hugely attended by health enthusiasts. Several medical doctors were one of those around and taking the race in risk. MX3 Team was in support from start to end.


This year’s SAMAL TRAIL ULTRA kicked off with a 50-KM Trail Run contending with the challenges to keep the stamina and power going. The dares consisted of:  a difficult terrain and single track trails going uphill-downhill motion in an elevation of 1700 MASL; running across dirt roads with a wee of intermittent-broken paved roads; in a remote location; and given the givens created a problem of visibility that required a Global Positioning Device (GPS) and maps to keep positions on track. Location started and ended in Penaplata, Samal.


The 59 Finishers looked more energized than exhausted. Faces wore big smiles and pride.  Men and Women participants were able to achieve the unachievable. It was an MXtraordinary success. Some highlights of the success- 1 completed the race in 5 hours 49 minutes and 45 seconds- Don Wark Noval; while the last one completed the race in 12 hours and 48 seconds.

MX3 placate them with 50 bags of MX3 Products; overflowing coffee served beginning Midnight as the event started and ended up sundown of the next day.

Kudos to all the Trail runners on thrill!  Keep the advocacy toward healthy living for the Body is in itself a temple of God!

More thrill more fun…..Go for healthy lifestyle. Be MXtraordinary….so you can make a difference. God bless!

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